New Magnetic Fun

Interchangeable Autism Magnetic Pendant

Well, it’s that time of year! Batten down the hatches because it is going to be a wild ride through the holidays! November and December are the busiest months for Etsy and craft shows, and I definitely have my hands filled. I had a show the beginning of the month, and today I am celebrating my 100th sale on Etsy. In December, I will be doing two craft shows and continuing sales on Etsy. Somewhere in there I will have to find time to get gifts for everyone. My kids are enjoying mommy’s business because they think all the money I earn goes towards gifts for them. (Not exactly but it does make them very supportive of my business.)

So today I wanted to share my new magnetic jewelry. I am combining cute blank pendants with the perfect size button magnets to create something really fun to wear. You can easily swap designs for your pendant and wear something new each day.
Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant

Interchangeable Heart Pendant

Just pop in a 1 inch magnet and ooooohhhh, aaaahhhhh. I have begun listing the pendants with a set of 4 designs in the Etsy shop. I will be adding additional designs over the weekend, and these will also be available at my upcoming craft shows.

Broadneck Holiday Craft Bazaar

Speaking of craft shows, my next event is the Broadneck High School Craft Bazaar on December 1st. There will be over 150 crafters so there will definitely be something for everyone on your list.  I hope to see you then!